Jenny Phuong Khanh Tran

I am a high school English student teacher based in Orange County. I am also an aspiring writer on the side, absorbing experiences with my students as inspiration.

The purpose of education is to teach students how to become valuable members of society as life-long learners, because only through curiosity can there be new advances in technology to improve the world.

My role as an educator is to facilitate students through this process of learning. In order to do this, I must first provide a safe environment for students to learn where they feel accepted and valued. Only when students feel secure in themselves can they have the confidence to participate in the learning process. Another important role that an educator has is to always be an advocate for the student. The most effective teacher is the one who still remembers what it was like to be a student. In fact, the best teacher is one who is still a student: someone who is a student for life. When a teacher keeps a growth mindset, it becomes easier for a teacher to always ally themselves with their students. If teachers give their students undivided attention when the student speaks and treat what the student says seriously, they are more willing to open up to us and treat us with respect as well. The role of the teacher is also to keep track of the main goal while the students work through the details. Students may forget the main purpose of an exercise from focusing all their concentration on the basic components. After all the details are complete, the teacher can remind students of the purpose behind the whole exercise if they have forgotten. Teachers need to educate with respect and dignity.

I define my community of learners as a locked treasure chest. Inside, they each hold something precious, and it is my responsibility to either help loosen the lock or to become the key to unlock it. Every child is different and they should not be taken lightly. They should be respected with the same respect and honor that adults are given so that they will be more receptive to any guidance their teachers offer.

I believe students learn best when there is a strong and positive relationship between the students and the teacher. It is difficult for students to learn when they are uncomfortable in their environment, so it is the teacher’s responsibility to maintain a productive learning environment for their students. It is also crucial for a teacher to remember that students’ skill levels vary; all students enter the classroom with their own funds of knowledge. Students will learn better when teachers learn to adapt to each individual student. I will balance the needs of individual learners with the needs of the entire class by providing the necessary scaffolds I use for individual learners for the whole class. That way, individual needs are not singled out and every student can benefit from the additional scaffolding. Another way I will use to balance these needs is by using different methods of instruction. I will incorporate a variety of teaching methods into my practice so that there will be a greater chance that individual learners will benefit from at least one style of teaching more than the others.

By the end of their stay in my class, I only hope that students can take away a more positive and productive attitude towards learning. At the end of the day, students may not find it important or pertinent to their lives to know Shakespeare or what personification is, but they will hopefully remember the connections they made with their fellow students and with their teachers.

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