Three blogs that I have found beneficial to my practice are Teen Librarian Toolbox, Lessons by Sandy, and Quick and Dirty Tips featuring Grammar Girl!

Teen Librarian Toolbox has been a terrific resource with lots of reviews of books that are carefully vetted for teen perusal. My favorite part of the blog however, is the guest posts that invite actual authors and librarians to write about a topic that they are especially knowledgeable about. These guest bloggers usually talk about topics that really encourage thought, discussion, and debate. Two of the posts that stick in my head are one that talks about the controversy surrounding euthanasia, and one that talks about the accessibility of mental health treatment in Young Adult Literature, What makes these guest posts so beneficial are that at the end, they include an entire list of the books either referenced in the article or books that are written by the guest blogger that usually deal with the topic at hand in depth. Students can learn more about topics that are interesting to them through these book recommendations.

Lessons by Sandy is more geared towards elementary school, but I have found some great resources within the teacher-turned-librarian’s blog concerning Digital Citizenship. Sandy has developed an awesome infographic that is easy to understand for all ages and very adorable to boot! She sells the digital package for $3.00 in her store and on Teachers Pay Teachers. In the future, when I get my own classroom, I am definitely bookmarking her posters for purchase to hang on my walls!

Quick and Dirty Tips is actually a website that is a conglomerate of different blogs covering everything from lifestyle tips to education. Their education portion of the website is headed by Grammar Girl (a.k.a. Mignon Fogarty), who writes user-friendly treatises on the nooks and crannies of grammar. I like her articles more than all the other grammar bloggers out there because it is personable, easy to digest, and provides clear examples for optimal understanding.

Here is an infographic I made using Piktograph as a nice and easy way to see all the good points of these blogs quickly!



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